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Progressive Fault Detection in Your Fieldbus System - The New FieldConnex® Segment Protector

new FieldConnex® Segment Protector
The FieldConnex® Segment Protector detects and isolates faults before they become critical to the segment.

Short circuits and overload conditions are always a challenging topic when it comes to installations. Pepperl+Fuchs has studied fault scenarios that occur in practice in great detail, and has developed the FieldConnex® Segment Protector as an innovative component for progressive fault detection.

Pepperl+Fuchs took an unconventional route when developing the new FieldConnex® Segment Protector, and can now present an innovative, progressive form of fault detection. Pepperl+Fuchs has developed a diagnostics concept that goes well beyond all the options offered by existing static, linear short-circuit protection.

Exposes faults before they occur: The FieldConnex® Segment Protector detects the difference

Contact bounce, e.g. caused by loose contacts on vibrating structures emits an easily traceable electrical signature. This attribute is used by the Segment Protectors, enabling them to detect contact bounce and other transient faults and to differentiate between them and normal fieldbus signals. Faults are therefore identified and isolated quickly and reliably. With this approach, the cause of the fault is isolated before it can disrupt communications, cause failures in other field devices, or cause plant operations to switch to safe mode.

Using this diagnostic concept allows another vexing problem to be contained: Contact bounce, caused by connecting and disconnecting connections during maintenance, can now be reliably detected and isolated. Even elusive temporary faults, such as declining signal levels caused by the ingress of rainwater, can be detected accurately with the new FieldConnex® Segment Protector. When signal levels drop below minimum requirements, the progressive fault detection system can identify the cause and location.

The notification is provided via LEDs on the Segment Protector in the junction box and via the FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostic Module directly in the control room—the physical layer is monitored optimally in this way, avoiding time-consuming troubleshooting and clearly increasing plant availability.

Supplementary diagnostics components for perfect all-round protection

The innovative Segment Protector is supplemented with the Advanced Diagnostic Gateway (ADG) and other components with intelligent diagnostics features such as lightning protection with self-monitoring, or leakage sensors, which report the slightest change in moisture levels.

Incredibly simple diagnostics technology

The individual components are connected effortlessly. No further configuration, fieldbus address, or integration into the control system is required. This means that the new diagnostics technology can be commissioned without any additional engineering workeasily, quickly, and economically.

All the components are suitable for FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA fieldbus protocols.

Benefits at a glance

  • Significantly increased plant availability
  • Fast and reliable identification and isolation of faults
  • Time saving for troubleshooting through fault notification in the control room
  • Effortless installation without additional engineering

Más información sobre el contexto técnico

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