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Purge and Pressurization, Bebco EPS 6500 Series Pepperl+Fuchs Purge and Pressurization Solutions Raise the Bar for the Process Automation Industry
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(PDF, 1131072 KB)

As the leaders in purging technology, Pepperl+Fuchs has combined the latest in technology and innovation to dramatically simplify operation of electrical components within hazardous locations, resulting in fully automatic, globally certified purging solutions – the Bebco EPS 5500 Series, and the all-new Bebco EPS 6500 Series …

(November 2015; SPS_6500)

New Switch Amplifiers as 6 mm Signal Conditioners New Switch Amplifiers as 6 mm Signal Conditioners
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(PDF, 261991 KB)

The SC-System from Pepperl+Fuchs is a product family of signal conditioners for nonhazardous areas. The compact modules require little space in the switch cabinet, offer high-quality three-way-isolation, and are easy to install. The latest addition to the range is a single-channel switch amplifier, which is suitable for all commercially available binary sensors…

(November 2015; PR-2015-16562PA-ENG)

Solution Engineering Centers (SEC), control equipment, enclosures Hazardous Area Installations from Emergency Stop to Complex Control System
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(PDF, 412494 KB)

Safe protection of humans and installed assets in hazardous areas is predicated on a multitude of international, regional and company-internal regulations and standards. In order to meet these requirements and find the most efficient control equipment for any specific application the world-wide located Solution Engineering Centers will supply the solution …

(November 2015; PR-2015-17515PA-ENG)

 VisuNet remote monitors (RM) Lightweight Design with Extra-Large Display
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(PDF, 251073 KB)

In 2007, Pepperl+Fuchs launched the VisuNet remote monitors (RM)—the first network-based thin client solution for hazardous areas. The company has continued to develop this technology and is once again setting standards in the market with the VisuNet GXP and the latest RM Shell 4.0 firmware …

(November 2015; PR-2015-16132PA-ENG)

The FDH-1 fieldbus diagnostic handheld Just One Touch of a Button
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(PDF, 308069 KB)

With the new FieldConnex® fieldbus diagnostics handheld (FDH-1) from Pepperl+Fuchs, the quality assurance process for fieldbus installations is even easier. Whether you are using the quick check mode or the highly specialized features for experts, the FDH-1 is a universal tool for user-friendly fieldbus diagnostics in process automation …

(June 2015, PR-2015-13346PA-FieldConnex)

SC-System: Minimal footprint du to compact design Signal Conditioners for the SC-System: New Functions, Greater Convenience
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(PDF, 254234 KB)

The 6-mm-wide signal conditioners for the SC-System from Pepperl+Fuchs are equipped with a bus system for providing the power supply and communicating fault messages, as well as a universal splitter and a millivolt measuring transmitter. With these two new modules, the extremely compact signal conditioners are now available for all analog measuring signals …

(June 2015, PR-2015-13212PA-ENG)

Remote-I/O-Systems Remote-I/O-Systems
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(PDF, 608675 KB)

Remote-I/O-Systems take into account the requirement to "gather" the input and output points in the field near the sensors and actuators. As a result, these systems are often installed in hazardous areas in Zone 2 or Zone 1 …

(June 2015, PR-2015-13210PA-ENG)

Diverse projects can be realized with large electrical switch cabinets Everything from a Single Source
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(PDF, 449264 KB)

Pepperl+Fuchs is renowned for its high-quality explosion protection products. Through its network of Solution Engineering Centers (SECs), the company, based in Mannheim in Germany, provides engineering solutions and tailor-made system solutions for customers all over the world …

(June 2015, PR-2015-12766PA-ENG)

Ex de control panel A Comprehensive Portfolio for a Variety of Applications
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(PDF, 433218 KB)

The range of applications in potentially explosive areas is virtually limitless. Even for standard applications, completely different sets of requirements exist depending on industry sector and country-specific guidelines. With its comprehensive portfolio of explosion protection equipment, Pepperl+Fuchs can offer the right solution for all scenarios …

(June 2015, PR-2015-12763PA-ENG)

Control in the Field with WirelessHART Control in the Field with WirelessHART
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(PDF, 231059 KB)

While the first applications of wireless technology were limited to simply monitoring processes, now WirelessHART can be integrated into the regulating process for controlling ball valves, fans, and other mechanical devices …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10814PA-ENG)

Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment
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(PDF, 721946 KB)

Safe installing, controlling and monitoring in hazardous areas by means of types of explosion protection Ex d, Ex e and Ex p – For more than 60 years is Pepperl+Fuchs world-wide well-known for high-quality products for explosion protection …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10812PA-ENG)

signal conditioner SC-System Expanded
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(PDF, 393501 KB)

The 6 mm wide signal conditioner from Pepperl+Fuchs is being supplemented by two additional modules. A new universal splitter is used for the galvanic isolation, conversion, and distribution of standard signals. The measurement input provides a supply voltage for the operation of 2-wire signal converters …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10810PA-ENG)

Universal Barrier Simply Plug and Play — The Pepperl+Fuchs Universal Barrier
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(PDF, 256743 KB)

The new HiC2441 universal barrier from Pepperl+Fuchs can detect I/O requirements independently and automatically adjusts to the required signal type. No hardware or software adjustments are required. As the sole isolated barrier, the universal barrier can replace various traditional modules …

(April 2015, PR-2015-10808PA-ENG)


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