Explosion Protection Equipment

Control Stations and Control Units in various explosion protection types and enclosure materials

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Pepperl+Fuchs offers a broad portfolio of elctrical equipment and solutions for installation and control of machinery and electrical networks in harsh environments and explosion hazardous areas.

Various types of protection and enclosure variants along with a high level of flexibility allow the design of the most efficient control and distribution solutions for any application and industrial environment.

Experienced project engineers at the Pepperl+Fuchs Solution Engineering Centers - located worldwide - will support the user to find the most efficient solution for his specific requirements.

Terminal+Junction Boxes Ex e and Ex iTerminal+Junction Boxes Ex e and Ex i

The whole range from small junction boxes to complex, configurable terminal boxes, is covered by the series GVU, GL, SLS, XLS, FXLS, and HVB. Enclosure materials include glass fiber reinforced polyester and stainless steel.

Terminal+Junction Boxes Ex dTerminal+Junction Boxes Ex d

Optimal protection for any installation is achieved by the sturdy flameproof enclosures of the EJB, GUB, E115, and ASM series. Materials are aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron.

Control Units Ex eControl Units Ex e

Up to 4 operator elements from a wide choice of control functions can be integrated in the glass fiber reinforced enclosures of the LCP series and the stainless steel housings of the LCS series.

Control Units Ex dControl Units Ex d

The EFD21 series allows the installation of 2 operator elements per unit in gas group IIC areas while 11 control and monitoring elements can be utilized in IIB+H2 areas by integration into EFDC unit.

Control Stations Ex eControl Stations Ex e

Complex requirements for operation and monitoring are met by up to 35 operator elements in a glass fiber reinforced GLCS control station. The stainless steel FXLSCS series can combine up to 56 operator elements in one unit.

Control Stations Ex dControl Stations Ex d

Sturdy flameproof control stations can be flexibly equipped with appropriately certified operator elements and used in gas group IIB areas. The EJB series is available in aluminum and stainless steel, the ASM series is manufactured from cast iron.

Control+Distribution Panels Ex dControl+Distribution Panels Ex d

Equipment not designed for use in hazardous areas can be safely protected by flameproof enclosures of the EJB, ASM, and GUB series. Each solution is designed exactly to user specifications.

Control+Distribution Panels Ex deControl+Distribution Panels Ex de

The combination of flameproof enclosures for equipment protection with Ex e certified control and termination units offers many benefits for installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

Enclosures Ex dEnclosures Ex d

A wide range of flameproof enclosures in many sizes and materials form the basis for various explosion protection design solutions for any kind of equipment.

Disconnectors+Motor Starters Ex d IIBDisconnectors+Motor Starters Ex d IIB

Control and operation of power networks, as well as drives and machinery in explosion hazardous areas, is facilitated by the SD and SF series of switch disconnectors, the DOL direct online starters, and the SDS series of star-delta starters.

Lighting+Signaling Ex d / Ex eLighting+Signaling Ex d / Ex e
A comprehensive selection of lighting fixtures as well as call points, visual, and audible signaling devices are available for use in explosion hazardous areas.

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